Clever Copiers

How much time and money our solutions have saved local businesses

Make your copier come alive and unlock the productivity gains when you make it a “clever copier”

How much wasted Administration time can we save you when we make your copier a “Clever Copier”. We believe your staff could be doing much more interesting and valuable work than scanning, filing and invoice or remittance processing!

Drastically reduce business expenses with a bespoke Well Connected automation solution!

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, West Australian Businesses have been forced to look at their systems and processes to find realistic efficiencies. Well Connected have a range of simple and inexpensive solutions to enhance the productivity of SME businesses These solutions have the capability to automate data entry, automate naming & filing of documents and create “paperless” digital workflows to eliminate paper altogether.

These solutions can be accessed individually or combined to reduce human error, speed up communication with internal and external parties, and massively reduce administration costs. Each of these is tailored to the specific businesses requirements and once deployed, eliminate boring and repetitive tasks which many workers find irksome and create disengagement.

With businesses looking to become leaner, we can demonstrate better KPI’s as any or all of these can make businesses that embrace change much more competitive.

Some customers who are enjoying the benefits already

  • A surgical goods supplier who supplies retail & wholesale: Saving 8 hours per week
  • A Legal Practice scanning to Filepro, their practice management software: Saving 2 days per week
  • A Signage Company: Saving 5 hours per week
  • A Rug Cleaning Company: Saving 5 hours per week
  • An Office Furniture Manufacturer: Saving 5+ hours per week

See these customer case studies in more detail, below:

Automated Scanning & Filing


Industry: Surgical Goods Retail & Bulk Supply

Time Saved:

8 hours per week

Surgical House is a retailer of surgical aids through their Osborne Park premises, they generate many invoice/pick slips on a daily basis. Each of these pages needed to be filed in numeric order and a staff member was tasked each day of assembling between 50 and 100 invoices (some multi-page) in numeric order and then hole punching them to be filed in a ring binder.

This took precious time and was filling up their warehouse. Occasionally, someone would need to access the paper document which involved searching for the correct invoice in rows of ring binders, selecting the correct one and then photocopying it for proof of purchase.

Well Connected created a simple document recognition solution which read each page, identified the invoice number and named and filed it as a “searchable” PDF(A) under the invoice number so when required a simple search of the invoice number produces the required invoice. This saved massive amounts of staff time every day and makes finding the appropriate document easy and can be done from a pc not by physically going to the warehouse.

The receptionist now saves around seven to eight hours ($210 to $240) per week.


Industry: Legal

Culshaw’s like most legal firms produce massive amounts of paper documents that need to be named filed in a Document Management System (DMS) of some sort, in their case a product called Filepro. The previous process involved scanning back to email, opening the attachment which had an unidentifiable file name, recognising the document and then naming and refiling it in Filepro.

This was a long and inefficient process and they needed to streamline this.

Well Connected created a “connector” which allowed them to name & file at the copier by selecting the document type from a drop down list, entering a matter number to identify the client file and then the document was automatically named under their naming convention and stored in Filepro as a “searchable” PDF(A) for later retrieval.

This system saves time and makes the administration staff much more efficient and is now employed in other legal firms as well as their interstate offices.


Industry: Food Wholesale & Retail

TransAsia had a similar problem to Surgical House, many invoices to file and they were running out of room to store them. Well Connected created a similar solution to Surgical House which reads each page, extracts the invoice number, naming and electronically filing each one as a PDF (a) for easy retrieval.

This process saves staff time by eliminating manual filing and takes up no more room in the premises. The above solutions can be applied to most business processes and the savings can be enjoyed by any who embrace them.

Smart Digital Workflow


Industry: Design and Printing

Time Saved:

5 hours per week

Plan B are a signage business who relied on a manual system to create paper quotes for prospective customers. Once a quote was accepted and an order was received various documents were required, a purchase order for the goods required, a work order for the installation and then once the job was finished it all had to be invoiced via Xero, their accounting system.

It was disjointed and management had no visibility of the progress. Well Connected created a customised “digital workflow” which controls all the above components of their business.

A quote is created electronically from drop down lists of goods and time required to do the job. This is then sent to the client who accepts the job online. At this point the quote changes to an order which then generates purchase orders for the goods required from the supplier, work orders for the staff who will assemble and fit the signage. Once completed, the customer signature will trigger the generation of the invoice in Xero their accounting system.

The whole process from quote to invoice is mapped out with each progression triggering the next step and its associated tasks and digital forms. Management now has full visibility of the entire process from start to finish with built in alerts if jobs do not progress along the expected timeline.

This solution was created within about three to four weeks with input from the customer and is supplied on a monthly subscription basis.

Apart from the benefits of transparency, elimination of errors the business is saving five hours per week with a monetary saving of $500 per week.


Industry: Cleaning Services

Time Saved:

5 hours per week

The Rug Cleaning Co are a Canning Vale based rug cleaning organisation who regularly collect rugs from customers for a range of cleaning offers. Their original process was very paper reliant with several forms to complete a job which included.

Debtor set up, calendar event for collection, driver run sheet, rug description forms, rug cleaning forms and then all that information needed to be entered into their Xero accounting system. Well Connected were engaged to create a digital workflow to eliminate paper forms from the process entirely and digitise the process.

All pickups are created within the system, the customer is informed, the driver gets his run sheet and all carpet information such as size, treatment etc are recorded on a tablet with the ability to take photo to show any pre-existing carpet damage (clients previously blamed the company for damages which were pre-existing). Once accepted by the client the data is emailed to the client and simultaneously passed to the warehouse where plastic labels are printed for each rug.

Upon completion all pricing is automatically submitted to their accounting software for invoicing. Over a period of about a month we created an end to end solution which in over two years has never failed or created erroneous invoices.

The benefits are transparency of the process, no lost documents or erroneous invoices and the business is saving approximately five hours per week.


Industry: Furniture Supplies

Time Saved:

5 hours per week

Complete Office Furniture are an Osbourne Park office furniture manufacturer and sales organisation. The problem is a staff member needs to type information from their Quickbooks accounting system which created quotes and sales orders to another manufacturing system which required work orders to written out long hand and faxed to the factory.

The opportunity for errors and misinterpretation of information was too great so they needed an integrated digital workflow. Now, once their quote is accepted, a work order is triggered in their workflow and checked before it is sent to the factory for manufacture. There are no transcription errors, less mistakes and Management have full visibility of the process and any bottlenecks.

The solution was scoped and developed within budget and within a period of around one month.

The proprietors report that the time savings over a six week period were a minimum of 30 hours, again around five hours per week or $500 per week.