Business Solutions

Discover the right solutions for your business. Well Connected have clever solutions, tailored to meet specific needs in your industry.

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Document Conversion

Our cloud-based conversion system enables your staff to quickly convert hard or soft copies to word, excel, PowerPoint or searchable pdf. No more retyping physical or lost documents!

Naming & Filing at the Device

No more scanning to your email with an unrecognisable file name when you can easily name and file at your copier with our connected system.

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Automated Document Recognition

Let the copier do the hard work with our automated doc recognition software, simply scan the sheets and the system will name and file it automatically, hands off filing!

Accounts Genie

Are your staff really entering data from invoices and remittances manually?

Our Accounts Genie will automate this process with separate steps for both verification and authorisation for different parties to ensure safety. Once authorised, all data is uploaded to your accounting system, whether it be Xero, MYOB or similar.

How much time would this save and what else could your staff be doing that is more beneficial for your business.



Are there lots of spoiled or uncollected pages littering your photocopier?

Use intelligent software to reduce your page volumes by eliminating wasted pages. Utilise “rules-based printing” to force double-siding and change expensive colour pages to mono.