Paperless Office

How Much Are Paper Documents Costing Your Business?

Well into the 21st century, your business has managed to buck the trend of the paperless office. You continue to rely on cumbersome paper documents and manual business processes instead of utilizing far more efficient digital documents and electronic workflows. Surely, you have a good reason for failing to embrace the paperless office, as you’re doing so despite what it costs your company. And it indeed costs you a great deal. Consider the following disadvantages associated with paper documents. The cost of working with paper Paper in itself might not be expensive, but the costs associated with paper-based processes and managing paper documents can be a financial burden. Let’s start with storage—on- and off-site storage of paper documents, forms, and files are far more expensive than what it costs to house digital versions, as is transportation or delivery of hard copies of your documents. Don’t forget about the cost of…

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