Important – Covid19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to receive significant media attention as the rising number of confirmed cases increases in Australia and worldwide. As such, it is  an appropriate time to remind our customers what we are doing to keep them and our staff safe. Wellconnected has implemented a number of precautionary measures to provide employees and our customers with an environment that is safe and secure, while continuing to provide assistance and services within Perth. In order to respond and to provide a robust process in managing COVID-19, Wellconnected is implementing new procedures based on guidance from expert organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We have provided increased provision of alcohol-based hand gels to our outbound Technicians and Salespeople to be used before and after each encounter. Our office staff are now seated 6 metres from each other workstations. Any…

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Give Your Business an Edge with Document Management

Are your paper-based processes holding your business back? Many companies never stop to ask this question or analyze how antiquated workflows can lead to bottlenecks and unnecessary expenses. But ignoring your paper pile-up will end up costing you—time, money, and your competitive edge. Companies that cling to paper-based filing systems lack efficiency and productivity in their workflow processes. The average employee spends 30 to 40 percent of their time searching for documents or looking through information. But, upgrading to a digital document management solution streamlines business processes and the flow of information, maximizing productivity, cost savings, and security. By making the switch to digital document management, you’ll not only improve organizational workflows, but you’ll also gain an advantage over your competition. Here’s how: Improved efficiency and productivity – With document management, digital documents are all indexed and archived, making it fast and easy for your employees to access the information…

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Make Your Business Bigger and Better in 2020

The new year is upon us! 2019 was a great year for your business, and you’d like to keep that momentum going in 2020 by growing even more. While it is certainly challenging to build a small business, there are small and cost-effective steps you can take to bring in more customers and increase your profits. Here are a few ways to do just that and grow your business this year. Ask existing customers for referrals – No one is a better ambassador for your brand than an existing customer. They continue to do business with you because you’re doing something right, so ask them to help you out by leaving you a review online. Whether it’s Google, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau website, or a social media platform, positive reviews go a long way toward convincing potential customers to give you their business. You can also ask your top…

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