Instant Support Service

Connectivity Support Plan: Enjoy Your Own Instant Support Line

With the increased sophistication of our photocopiers comes an increase in “IT” or “scanning” related issues. As a result, we are seeing more “billable” calls related to connectivity and scanning problems which stem from network communication issues. These are not generally covered under standard service contracts and attract an additional fee.

An average cost of these callouts is $170 plus GST.

As a Well Connected client, you receive this service for free. Our clients enjoy complimentary trouble shooting for any IT/scanning issues related to your copier handled at no additional charge. We will have you back up and running in no time.


• Configuring scan to email.

• Configuring scan to network folder.

• Configuring fax forwarding to email.

• Configuring TCP/IP network settings.

• Installing print drivers.

• Setting machine defaults for mono/colour.

• Setting driver defaults (colour mode, duplex etc).

• Configuring machine settings for user authentication to track copies and prints.


• Maintenance of 3rd party software solutions. (Support carried out by vendor).

• Any additions or changes to Microsoft Active Directory. (Typically required for scan to folder setup).

• Microsoft Office 365 configuration for scan to email. (Customer must provide 365 configuration settings to be inputted to copier).

• Changes to network firewalls, routing or switching.

* Requests not listed in inclusions reviewed on a case by case basis.

Supported Devices

Support for up to three Well Connected managed printers or MFD’s will be covered under this agreement. For our customers with more than three devices please enquire for a quote.

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