Solutions for the Legal Industry

Documents are the lifeblood of your business, but managing them shouldn’t take up all of your time. Spend less time on admin, and more time looking after your clients with our innovative print and content management solutions.

Work Smarter

Managing documents efficiently right throughout your firm can be a challenge. With advances in scanning and electronic archiving, and the ever-decreasing costs of data storage, the dream of an efficient and agile digital workplace is now within reach.

Reduce Costs

Track, capture, and assign document-based expenses as they occur, so your clients can see precisely what work relates to each charge.

The transparency of our cost recovery solutions let you accurately allocate costs to individual clients or specific cost centres, and reclaim the soft costs that can eat away at your profit margin.

Maximise Efficiency

Ensure the right file is at your fingertips, exactly when you need it.

Our document management solutions, such as document capture and pay for print capabilities let you use electronic archiving to scan and convert printed materials into searchable and editable documents and automatically index and assign codes to documents for easy archiving and processing.

Advanced MFD's

Invest in your firm’s efficiency and productivity with fast, reliable and supremely flexible multifunction printers. Easily manage how and when you use high-quality colour and low-cost monochrome printing, and accelerate production of double-sided documents with high-speed print processing.

Print documents sent from practically any device, anywhere your staff are working or rapidly scan long paper documents and turn them into editable formats such PDF and Microsoft Office (OfficeOpenXML).

Sustainable Goals

Being sustainable at work benefits more than just the environment; it can also boost the bottom line and help you meet compliance standards.

Reduce paper waste, save energy, and cut down your CO2 emissions with our solutions. You can save on costs and create a point of difference for your environmentally-conscious clients.

Secure Your Data

Increase your document security with authenticated print release, protected scan and capture technology. Our secure print services let you manage your documents efficiently without risking your data’s security.

Your clients’ information is always protected with our secure document technology.