Our New Document Conversion Genie Will Save You Money

Well Connected are pleased to announce the pre-release of their first cloud-based software solution, the Well Connected Document Conversion Genie

If you have ever had to laboriously do any of the following tasks:

•   Retype a document
•   Copy figures from a page to an Excel spreadsheet
•   Create a Powerpoint presentation from hard copy or an emailed document
•   Spend time looking for misfiled documents

Then let our simple and inexpensive system do the heavy lifting for you.
If automatisation of any of these would make your life easier for you, and increase your business’ efficiency, then register your interest below.

The next addition which coming soon are our cloud-based Well Connected Accounts Genie for Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).

Again monotonous jobs can be automated, such as:

•   Entering  invoice details into your business system
•   Matching invoices against purchase orders
•   Presenting digitised invoices for management approval
•   Automated entry of these into most accounting systems
•   Automated naming & filing of documents

Save time on administration tasks, increase your bottom line, increase staff satisfaction and ensure accurate data entry all by utilising these services.

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