Paperless Business Systems

Smart scanning and clever document management for lower costs and higher profits.

Paperless Business Systems reduce the costs of running a business and increases efficiency.

We can help you digitise your processes to reduce the reliance on paper and its inherent problems. Paper isn’t very strategic and if your business is still storing data in paper-based files then this poses some critical problems such as:

  • Paper files are not “searchable” and can be lost, misfiled or destroyed by malicious employees or damaged by the elements.
  • Staff need to waste valuable time entering information from paper to the CRM or Business System.
  • You cannot access business documents if you are working from home or remotely.
  • It is harmful for the environment and increases your carbon footprint.
  • Large amounts of office space must be devoted to filing systems: save money on large property leasing fees and purchasing paper and files by going paperless.

If you have ever experienced any of these challenges then it’s time to embrace digital transformation.

Electronic files and forms are easily searchable, can be backed up and restrictions can be put in place so employees only have access to information commensurate to their security level.

The following tasks can be easily automated:

  • Scanning, naming & filing documents.
  • Invoice and remittance advice processing.
  • Job dockets & delivery advices.
  • Application forms & safety forms.
  • Time sheets & leave forms.

The list is endless and these are just some of the areas where any business can benefit. Solutions are scalable from small businesses to enterprise.

We work with many different software systems such as:

If you are ready to embrace digital transformation, reduce overheads and increase productivity then the Paperless Business System is the best option for you.