Digital Smart Workflow

Embrace digital workflow to speed up cash flow and optimise your business’ efficiency.

We will support you to maximise Office 365 and Sharepoint.

If you have recently converted to the new version of Microsoft Office 365 then there are so many solutions we can assist with to drive your business.

Workflow allows digitised or scanned documents to be sent down a pre-determined path from person to person, or department to department, until a process has been completed. This allows transparent management and easy identification of where jobs are up to and highlights any bottlenecks. These bottlenecks can then be attended to, making business processes more efficient.

Microsoft SharePoint has some incredible features for document storage and workflows but you need to get your hardcopy documents there first.  Our Solutions Team can assist with automation of your document processes and either send them along a pre-determined workflow or straight to your soft  storage location from the touch of a button on your multifunction copier or by dragging & dropping soft copies or email attachments.  Scanned documents are saved as a Searchable PDF and can be easily found, converted or saved to the location of your choosing.

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